Crow's Martial Sports Science is a program designed for football, soccer, basketball and other sports. This Program is based on Dr Bob Ward's, Sports Scientist and former Dallas Cowboys Conditioning Coach, concepts of applying Martial Arts to sports applications. Coach Crow worked with the Dallas Cowboys from 1982 to around 1989 under Bob Ward.

We work with people from school, on up to pros. To help with the hands, footwork, balance, and more. Don’t mistake this sports science program as a martial arts program it is a lot more than that.

Coach Crow teaches energy and sensitivity drills, footwork, and other applications for defensive and offensive linemen. Students will learn how to effectively use their hands and feet in contact sports. Randy White, National Football League (NFL) Hall of Famer, makes occasional appearance to share his football experience and advice.

The list of premier football athletes who have gone through the Crow's Martial Sports program is extensive and includes the following players:
Mike Brockers - Los Angeles Rams
Patrick Lewis - Buffalo Bills
David Dawson - NFL
Charles Tuaau - Miami Dolphins
Jarvis Harrison - New York Jets
Ty Summers - TCU
LaAdrian Waddle - New England
Kyle Fuller - Houston Texan, Former Baylor
Dietrich Wise- NE Patriots former Ark.
Celina High School Football Team
Tyus Bowser - Baltimore Ravens former U of Houston
Jordan Wade - Oakland Raiders former OK
Coach Raymond Crow was a former consultant for the Dallas Cowboys and has been an NFL consultant since the 1980's.

UWAK Jeet Kune Do, Kali and Silat Guidebook

Purchase the UWAK Jeet Kune Do, Kali and Silat Guidebook for $25. The martial arts book has sports science applications like in chapter 7 . Coach Crow helped with the Cowboys back in the 80's with these applications.

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