"I first met Raymond Crow back when I was playing for Dallas Cowboys in the 80’s. Raymond was part of the Martial Arts team that supported the Dallas Cowboys Conditioning Coach Bob Ward in applying hand and footwork concepts to football.

His teaching methods and skills are top notch and have been vetted in yearlong practice and training. I personally still train with him. We partner up now on training aspiring players and pros.

I highly recommend anybody that wants to excel in the game of football: Go to Coach Raymond Crow and get started!"

Randy White - National Football League Hall of Fame, Most Valuable Player, Former Dallas Cowboys
"Training with Raymond and Randy has given me the edge I needed to make the transition into the NFL with confidence. My hand eye coordination is the best it has ever been and I now know how to counter against virtually every move an offensive lineman can make. I also have the added advantage of having learned not just body and weight placement, but awareness as well. I couldn't give a higher recommendation for this being essential to becoming the best player possible."

Charles Tuaau - Miami Dolphins
"Crow's Martial Arts has helped me improve as a football player. I've spent hours training on how to apply martial arts to the field and my game is constantly improving. Raymond and Randy have been awesome with helping me develop the necessary skills to succeed with martial arts and football!" -

Patrick James Lewis Jr. - Buffalo Bills
"A big thanks for Raymond and Randy looking forward to applying all the work I did with them throughout the season."

Michael Brockers - Los Angeles Rams
"Thank you for everything you taught me. I am looking forward to using the techniques / moves you have shown. I know they are giong to help me be a better player."

Ty Summers - Texas Christian University